• Lab News

    2018 November

    New graduate students Shouyue(Binzhou Medical University) and Xiaojuan(Taiyuan Institute of Technology) joined the lab.




    2018 August

    Nishit Pathak (Kyushu Institute of Technology) joined the lab as a Post-doctoral research fellow.










    2018 June

    Our paper was published in GENETICS Journal with its artwork of bamboo tree and  C.elegans (by Ji Yeon Kim and Hyun M Kim) was highlighted on the carousel. This research was initiated at Kim's former affiliation Harvard Medical School and completed at Tianjin University.


  • A bamboo tree

    A bamboo tree from my wife together with a picture from Dr. Colaiacovo at Harvard Medical School decorating the new lab room 413.


  • A new lab openned. July 2017

    2017 July. Initiate the lab!


    Kim lab at SPST Tianjin University is avaible from July 2017 (Finally!).

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